The Louis

Washington, DC

The Louis

Scope of Services
LEED Fundamental Commissioning

The Louis is a nine-story apartment building at 14th and U Streets in Washington, DC. It features tenant provisions on the first floor, 270 apartment units served by split system heat pumps, and a CO-controlled underground garage ventilation system. Provisions for the retail tenant area include a condenser water loop with cascading condensing boilers and two cooling towers.

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As commissioning lead, 2RW performed LEED Fundamental Commissioning services for this project. The firm directed and documented functional performance testing on a 10% sample (27) of the apartment units. To integrate into a phased turnover, 2RW tested a higher percentage of units on the first few floors well before scheduled turnover.

2RW documented a failure rate of over 40% on the first sample of units and two subsequent samples also indicated non-performing equipment. The contractor then performed 2RW’s test procedure on all units, corrected issues, documented the results, and passed a final verification test sample under 2RW’s supervision.

Notable issues identified and resolved during commissioning include:

  • Improper refrigerant charge on long line split system heat pumps
  • Damaged and leaking refrigerant lines
  • Improper boiler sensor installation that could have significantly reduced heating capacity, efficiency, and equipment life
  • Negative building pressurization caused by incorrect fan settings

In response to commissioning findings, the contractor replaced the initial equipment startup subcontractor with one that provided more reliable service and equipment. The process helped control costs by reducing potential warranty calls.

Scope of Services
LEED Fundamental Commissioning

OWNER: JBG Companies

TIMEFRAME: 2009 – 2014

SIZE: 270,000 SF

LEED Silver